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QSXL / QSXL in the News | 24. Apr 2024 | Alessa Boer

The shift in sourcing: from search to relationship building

In the evolving landscape of recruitment, sourcing has undergone significant transformations driven by technology and changing candidate expectations. While in the past, sourcing primarily revolved around mastering Boolean search strings to locate potential candidates, the focus has now shifted towards leveraging data intelligently and fostering meaningful relationships with candidates. This shift is propelled by the increasing availability of technology and its potential to streamline recruitment processes.

Crafting an exceptional candidate experience

Today, sourcing is not just about finding candidates; it's about creating an immediate and positive candidate experience. Candidates should feel valued and engaged from their first interaction with the organization. The candidate experience encompasses every touchpoint from initial contact to becoming an employee. Drawing parallels from customer experience principles, a seamless and engaging candidate journey is crucial in attracting top talent.

The crucial role of sourcing specialists

The sourcing specialist plays a pivotal role in shaping the candidate experience Like the saying, "you only get one chance to make a first impression." Effective follow-up communication is key, often yielding better responses than initial outreach. Persistence and personalized follow-ups are essential in nurturing relationships with potential candidates.

Balancing technology and human touch in sourcing

While technology continues to play a significant role in sourcing, its influence is shifting towards augmenting human interaction rather than replacing it entirely. Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have expedited candidate identification and matching processes, freeing up time for recruiters to focus on relationship-building.

The art of targeted messaging in candidate engagement

However, the essence of sourcing lies in understanding and resonating with candidates on a personal level. Technology may streamline processes, but the human touch remains indispensable in fostering genuine connections and converting passive candidates into active prospects.

Moving forward, the emphasis in sourcing will increasingly be on delivering the right message to the right audience. Research shows that the message's relevance to the recipient accounts for up to 70% of its success. Therefore, sourcing specialists must harness data insights to tailor their approach and engage candidates effectively.

In conclusion, sourcing has evolved from a mere search-and-find approach to a strategic endeavor centered on candidate experience and relationship-building. As technology continues to advance, sourcing specialists must adapt, leveraging data-driven insights while maintaining the human element in their interactions with candidates.

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