Supporting you
to find that perfect candidate

We work for recruiters and companies all over the world. We use our self-designed techniques to trace digital footprints of talented and promising potential candidates. We find and convince an "underlying" layer of candidates who do not have their CV online. This provides surprisingly good matches and results for our clients.

Bas Hudepohl picture

Bas Hudepohl

Partner / Commercial Director

Sidney Hiele picture

Sidney Hiele

Founder / General Manager

Carla Storey picture

Carla Storey

Project Sourcing Consultant
South Africa

Brett Thomas picture

Brett Thomas

Global Partner Development

Alessa Boer picture

Alessa Boer

Project Sourcing Consultant

Ike Hoppenbrouwer picture

Ike Hoppenbrouwer

Project Sourcing Consultant

Jelle Smedes picture

Jelle Smedes

Sourcing and Recruitment consultant

Renáta Darnayová picture

Renáta Darnayová

Search Analyst

Katarína Verhaar picture

Katarína Verhaar

Search Analyst

Robert Verhaar picture

Robert Verhaar


Lucia Ragulová picture

Lucia Ragulová

Search Analyst

Viktor Hamran picture

Viktor Hamran

Data Analyst / Manager

Lenka Strašíková picture

Lenka Strašíková

Search Analyst

Martin Strašík picture

Martin Strašík

Search Analyst

Adriana Peštiová picture

Adriana Peštiová

Search Analyst

Peter Lüley picture

Peter Lüley

Front-end developer

Martin Pivka picture

Martin Pivka

Lead Developer

Tomáš Regina picture

Tomáš Regina

Front-end developer



Job Page

Our Job Pages are enriched profiles, tailored to the specific vacancy and the type of person that fits the position.


Market Scans

Our market scans predict the outcome of a recruitment process. This is crucial in determining the ultimate target group and the exact search strategy.



Searching and sourcing by a recruiter, better not. It requires technological and analytical skills and qualitative search is also time consuming.