Data driven sourcing
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Our algorithm based search
find you the perfect candidates
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The best candidates aren’t actively looking for a new job. So you can wait for that one casual candidate to respond.

Or get exactly the right message in front of the right audience. That is what QSXL does.

See us as your Shared Sourcing Center

A scalable knowledge center where we support both companies and agencies in filling single vacancies or volume recruitment, remote and on site.

We are here to connect you with the best candidates.


Our experienced recruiters will be the single point of contact during the whole process, both for client and for candidate.

They will screen all data, conduct personal interviews and finally select the best qualifying candidates.


Over 75% of today’s professionals are passive candidates. We put companies and recruiters into contact with this target group.

Employer branding, hiring and fact based information in one solution. The output of our efforts are always qualified interested candidates, not just a list of names.