Data driven sourcing starts with QSXL

Our algorithm based search does what it does best:
finds you the perfect candidates and engages them.

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You are the best recruiter; QSXL provides the service

Hiring the best candidates starts with QSXL. Candidates aren’t thinking about your position until we contact them. Personal, highly automated and data driven.
Discover how below.

Be informed

Predictive hiring. A scan analysis of the job market
and the number of potential candidates.
Predict the chances of success before you start hiring.

Follow digital footprints

Algorithm based search and matching delivers relevant candidates.
A powerful search to find your needle in the haystack.
Let QSXL handle this technical and time consuming recruitment task.

Engage them

Actively approaching candidates.
People who are – more often than not – already employed. With customized messages and specific vacancy Job Pages we know how when and where to seduce your top candidates.

Intro to you

The impact is more than 'just' the presentation of qualified, interested and well informed candidates. Get hyper targeted branding, lots of data and a pool of candidates that are open for future vacancies.

See us as your Shared Sourcing Center

A scalable knowledge center where we support both companies and agencies in filling single vacancies or volume recruitment, remote and on site. We are here to connect you with the best candidates.


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Meet Hirro,
your hiring buddy.
He is here to support you in finding the talents you need
Meet Hirro,
your hiring buddy.
He is here to support you in finding the talents you need

Eva van Musscher

Corporate Recruiter


QSXL's data driven approach helps us to find and attract the right candidates. QSXL algorithm search approach finds candidates which you don't find by to “traditional” way of recruitment. This leads to surprisingly good matches. We experience a good click with a lot of interaction with involved people who understand the business. This cooperation has an enriching effect on our recruitment.

Anne Poortman

HR Manager


We started working with QSXL because we had a lot of trouble finding a new C# colleague. Niverplast consciously chooses to provide vacancies itself, so without the intervention of recruitment agencies. In this case we made an exception and we liked it. The cooperation with QSXL was very pleasant. Short lines of communication, clear feedback during the process and we hired the right new colleague.

Esmeralda Zegeling

HR Manager


For us, QSXL comes into personal contact with the entire relevant target group for our vacancies. As a fast-growing company in sustainable cleaning products, we want to hire the best candidates in our industry. QSXL finds, reaches and approaches candidates for us throughout the Netherlands.

Bernice Overkamp

​​Recruitment Manager


As the market leader in the feed sector, we want to know everything about the target group for our vacancies. QSXL does more than just the ‘hire’, but also provides insight and data into the long-term potential, so that we can organize our recruitment activities even better in the future.

Walter van Harssel

Operations Manager


For our vacancy of Project Manager Equipment, QSXL came into contact with an new pool of "latent" candidates. By ourselves we could never have found these candidates. We have successfully filled in this position in close cooperation with QSXL.


We do things differently

80% of organisations are considering using direct sourcing to fill vacancies and attract contingent talent. But how do you make sourcing a successful part of your recruitment strategy?

Sidney Hiele and HR-strategist Alexander Crepin wrote four articles about it. You can download them here for free. Enjoy the read and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



Job Page

Our Job Pages are enriched profiles, tailored to the specific vacancy and the type of person that fits the position.


Market Scans

Our market scans predict the outcome of a recruitment process. This is crucial in determining the ultimate target group and the exact search strategy.



Searching and sourcing by a recruiter, better not. It requires technological and analytical skills and qualitative search is also time consuming.