Quality Search XL
Recruiter, a dying career path…


Sidney Hiele, Managing Director QSXL

The role of the full-cycle recruiter is increasingly superfluous and will be one of the many jobs that are expected to disappear in the near future. The availability of technology, or even better the availability of smart technology, great algorithms and self-learning systems will beat the recruiter on analyzing, search, selection and managing the process.

The first steps have already been set for this interesting and disruptive change. Big data and data analytics have been introduced in the recruitment process at a level that recruitment is becoming fact-based and predictable.

Tech skilled and data savvy professionals are increasingly being involved in the recruitment process. No more gut feeling but fact-based decision-making. You can imagine that many hiring managers are welcoming this development. Once tech is being embraced it becomes easier to get to the next level. The techies will start shaping their ideal recruitment world.

Our Sherlock Reports and online real-time dashboard are showing that QSXL stands at the cradle of this interesting digital transformation process. We are proud to announce a next step. In close collaboration with one of our clients, especially the HR director, we are developing a smart recruitment platform. This new platform will become the backbone for all data driven recruiting for their multinational workforce of 120,000 employees in 40 countries.

Where the classic ATS puts the recruiter in the driver seat, the new platform makes the role of the recruiter obsolete. Specialist services and support are outsourced to international and national preferred suppliers and can be purchased online, on demand, by hiring managers and or candidates.

The new QSXL blended platform enables communication and collaboration between all stakeholders (candidate, HR, hiring manager,(pre-) assessment agency, reference checking, search company, recruitment marketing, mobility advisors, etc.).

By making use of the latest (mobile) self-learning technology recruiting effectiveness and performance, will continuously be improved, resulting in lower costs and hiring faster. Last, but not least, the candidate and hiring managers’ experience will be optimized.

The next step will be that all collaborating parties share their data. This will enable our client to use the platform in such a manner that it will outperform every single recruiter.