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QSXL conquers the world

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A relatively small Global Player. That’s us. QSXL. Surfing the digital wave we conquer the world with our data-driven search technology.

Playground for Innovation
Our head office is located in the Netherlands, well known for it’s innovative recruitment. There is a high demand, small supply and the awareness that something has to change in the traditional recruitment industry.

Besides that the excellent digital infrastructure and the high percentage of online candidates make the Netherlands a playground for innovation.

Smart Algorithms
Already in 2009 we started to play in our Search Center where we build smart algorithms to find candidates always and everywhere. We continuously innovate and today we are recruiting in 18 countries, with almost 30 smart searchers, recruiters and our own technology: Watson.

Best candidates are online
We love to tell our story anywhere in the world and sometimes notice that people look puzzled when we talk enthusiastically about Social Media, Search or Mobile Recruitment.

It’s true, some countries are perhaps more traditional than the Netherlands, but take it from us; over 75% of the professionals are not actively looking for a new job! Your best hires are online and won’t come to you. We have to convince them! That counts for every part on the Globe.

World Map
How do we know? Take a look at the World Map and explore the selection of our recent assignments. That’s how we know! Also interested in finding candidates world wide? Call Sidney Hiele or Paul Kroeze at +31 30 63 40 0 88.