Liebherr Maritime Benelux
Head of Customer Services

Antwerp, Belgium

Your challenge

Liebherr Maritime Benelux BV (LMX) was founded in 2000 and currently consists of 40 professionals. They represent the maritime cranes division of Liebherr in the Benelux. The sales and service location in Antwerp has a team of 12 professionals and focuses on port equipment in Belgium, such as mobile harbor cranes and reach stackers. As Head of Customer Services in Belgium you will champion the customer service department. You report directly to the Managing Director of LMX and work closely with the manager of the sales team. As a team you will ensure the sales of new equipment and their related services to existing and new customers.

Your Responsibilities

Champion the customer service department

Assessing and managing the customer service team to continually improve processes and outcomes. To manage all customer service processes, remembering that we are becoming more proactive and engaging customers earlier in the buying cycle. Regularly meeting clients in person. Working together with the other teams to ensure the best results.


As problem areas for customer service are identified you must engage the MD and/or HQ to agree priorities and have your team address these areas quickly and effectively. Act promptly on escalated customer issues and where necessary visit the customer personally to agree a plan of action.

Team management

Lead, motivate and manage performance of staff to ensure they are fully motivated and perform optimally to meet the company’s needs. Ensure that poor performance is not tolerated and remedied via support, training or disciplinary action as appropriate. Manage the out-of-hours process and ensure adequate cover is in place at all times. Recruiting the right calibre of staff in accordance with company policy and procedures. As well as taking care of continual upskilling of the customer services team through evaluation, development and training.

Financial analysis

Manage your budget effectively and be able to promote requirements for additional funding where they can increase the customer recommendation ratings and increase overall business performance. Report your expenditure as required.

Planning, measuring and reporting

Agree priorities and standards and then manage the CS team to deliver them. Work with the MD to drive continual improvement in people, technology, processes, service and product design and build. Establish and test new strategies to improve the customer service experience. Produce a monthly board report as well as other reports where needed. Attend weekly sales and build meetings and monthly board meetings.

Your Colleagues

Dirk Maes

Dirk Maes
Service Coördinator & Technical advisor

Jos Legierse

Jos Legierse
Managing Director

Yvette De Vylder

Yvette De Vylder
Divisional Assistant

The equipment

The Requirements

  • 7 – 8 years experience in service management within the technical sector
  • Experience leading projects and/or teams. Preferably in a management position
  • VCA-VOL certification
  • Nice to have; Experience in Maritime and/or Port sector
  • Nice to have; experience or knowledge in sales of (spare) parts
  • Bachelor degree in technical engineering or a related field
  • Fluent in Flemish and English. Preferably skilled in German

The Liebherr group

Liebherr was founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr and has been a stable and reliable company for over 60 years. Thanks to the high equity ratio, broad product portfolio and reinvesting profit into the company, Liebherr is able to compensate for fluctuations in the market economy. The international group consists of 11 divisions with a wide range of products and services of cranes to automation and aviation. In 2015, the Liebherr group reached 9237 million euro turnover with 41.545 employees in over 130 companies. Liebherr is a family business with tradition where employees and customers can be confident that the Liebherr values are held true. Employees are involved in the family business. This fundamental approach affords the management the freedom to act self-dependently and is an expression of trust. Every individual feels accountable for the success of the company and benefits from it with a great deal of commitment and passion.

Liebherr values

We are independent

“Our independence enables us to take decisions rapidly and autonomously.”

As a family-owned company, we aim for a high degree of freedom in all our decisions and actions. The basis for this is the financial independence achieved by sound business methods and retention of profits within the Group.

The Group’s policy of extensive diversification helps to make us independent of economic fluctuations in individual business sectors or markets. Another element in this autonomy is our mastery of core technologies in every detail.

We are a trustworthy partner

“We aim to maintain our consistency and trustworthiness for many years to come.”

We strive for close cooperation with our customers and business associates, based on loyalty and fair play. Rather than being content with short-lived success, we aim for a long-term relationship.

We supply products and services that create genuine added value and user benefit. Our policy is to be satisfied with our work only when the customer or business associate is satisfied. This has led to steady growth ever since 1949, when the first Liebherr company was established.

We are innovative

“We work systematically to keep one step ahead.”

Liebherr stands for continuous innovation and successful ideas management on a large scale. What we have already achieved serves as a basis for improvements in every area of the Group’s activities.

We encourage our workforce to think creatively and are prepared to tackle even the most difficult technological challenges. Our decentralised corporate structure puts us in a position to react flexibly to competition in global market areas and to transform ideas rapidly into effective results.

Our aim is to achieve technological progress in the best interests of our customers. Every year we invest considerable sums in research and development, to put us in a position to explore new paths and set new trends.

Our employees are a key factor in our success

“We greatly appreciate the degree to which our employees identify with their company.”

We are fortunate to be able to rely on capable, highly motivated employees who remain loyal to us for many years and devote themselves enthusiastically to the Group’s interests.

To promote this situation, we create suitable overall conditions: secure jobs and a healthy working environment. The absence of unnecessary managerial levels encourages our staff to take on responsible tasks with ample freedom of action. We promote entrepreneurial initiative and offer our employees various basic and advanced training programmes.

Liebherr stands for diversity in the cultural area as well. The Group draws strength from close teamwork across national borders. Cooperation within our Group is founded on integrity, mutual respect, fairness and trust.

Highest quality in everything we do

“We devote all our efforts to best performance.”

Our products and services must always measure up to the standards associated with the Liebherr name, and to which we give top priority: the best possible quality and effective support for our customer’s business activities. To ensure that our products are manufactured to this high quality standard, we invest unceasingly in the modernisation of our production facilities.

We promote awareness of quality – and insist on it both in our own work and the work we commission from our business associates.

We accept responsibility

“We aim at all times to fulfil our responsibility to society in general and to the environment.”

As a family-owned company active throughout the world, we carry considerable responsibility for society and the environment. We are convinced that we shall only achieve long-term success if we remain aware of this responsibility in all our activities. Protection of humanity and the environment is of special importance in our business activities.

It means that our products and the processes used to manufacture them must be safe, efficient and environmentally acceptable.

Integrity has high status for us as a family-owned company. We undertake to apply fair business methods when competing on world markets.

The Liebherr Group’s long history of successful growth is due to a responsible, forward-looking business policy. One of our principles will therefore continue to be “thinking of tomorrow today”.

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