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How big is your database?
When discussing a new job profile, clients often ask us about the size of our database of available candidates. The answer is simple: we don’t have a database.

Real-time data
Since classical databases are outdated, dusty and unreliable, we use the only recruitment database with real-time data: the Internet.

Market Scan
Based on the client intake and by using our self developed supporting techniques, we make an analysis of the geographical job market and the current number of potential candidates, their education, working experience and location. See the video? Click here

Must Have criteria
Is your targeted market too small to recruit from, we can suggest relaxing some of the ‘must have’ criteria to increase the number of potential candidates in the pool. Want to see an example? Click here

Free trial
Interested in a free tailor made market analysis for your company? Please contact Paul at kroeze@qsxl.com or call at + 31 6 30 29 33 41.