Electrical Engineer

Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

The Electrical Engineer develops electronic products around a microprocessor core, to include mains power supply, mixed signal conditioning, IP connectivity, and other general electronics from component level design to PCB.

Other responsibilities

  • Provides electronic design/development/test support to projects.
  • Writes and adapts C code for microprocessor applications.
  • Supports the development of the quality management system.
  • Supports early phases of production on new products;
  • Provides technical support to sales for training, documentation, installations etc.


Do you have several years of work in a similar or closely related role with similar responsibilities?

Critical & analytical

Are you willing to share your vision and ideas about our products? Are you always looking for development and improvement?

Communication & leadership

Are you willing to develop yourself, and at the same time provide your colleagues of training to enable them to work safely with the product?

Worldwide Innovation

Are you ready to become part of a European Space Agency spin-off with a patented space technology?






Investors & sponsors

Your Colleagues

  • Gregor van Egdom

Gregor van Egdom
Product Developer

Full-service design, from Idea to Prototype: researching markets and users, generating ideas, building compelling concepts and refining them into final products, ready to be produced. Industrial designer for a.o. Sony Ericsson BS Product Design Haagsche Hogeschool

  • Edwin Verver

Edwin Verver
Chief Commercial Officer

Entrepreneur since 2007, KLM Vice President Marketing & Brand, Senior Account Management & Pricing, MS Business Economics Amsterdam University, Executive Education Kellogg School of Management

  • Harm Botter

Harm Botter
Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur since 2002, Imtech Executive Management Committee, Getronics BU Manager, Arthur D. Little Senior Consultant, MBA Harvard Business School, LLM Tax Law Leiden University

  • Dr. Jeremy Fielding

Dr. Jeremy Fielding
Chief Technical Engineer

Owner of Rapid Space Technologies Ltd and Engineering Director on the Micra Laser Aspiration detection systems for Airsense Ltd. (Kidde UK – UTC company), PhD Surrey University

EXXFIRE™ – Securing Hardware

EXXFIRE is an ambitious young start-up company that has developed fire suppression systems for ICT and electrical hardware. This system is based on Cool Gas Generator Technology, a pressureless chemical gas storage technology that was originally developed by TNO Defence and Security for ESA (European Space Agency) to propel satellites. EXXFIRE wants this technology to replace pressurized gas cylinders in gaseous fire extinguishing systems worldwide.

Next to being pressureless, the nitrogen gas at ambient temperature is the second Unique Selling Point of Cool Gas Generators, because there is no temperature shock to sensitive ICT equipment in comparison to other gaseous systems.

All in all, EXXFIRE™ has a potentially disruptive technology to change the market for fire suppression systems in ICT, electrical equipment and potential other markets such as the petro-chemical industry.

What we would like you to have


  • Several years of work in a commercial environment with at least 5 years of experience in a similar or closely related role.
  • Must demonstrate competence in taking responsibility for chemical safety and usage, preferably at all levels within an SME.
  • At least 2 years of experience in role with similar responsibilities.
  • At least a first degree in a related discipline (e.g. Chemical engineering).
  • Fluent in English.


  • Some experience with fire products or other product engineering.
  • Mastering another European language beside English.

Our Benefits

Fulltime job

Starting with a contract for a year

Challenging and diverse environment

Competitive salary with good benefits

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