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Data Driven Search using Smart Pages

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Finding Talent is just part of the success
Finding Target Talent is still quite challenging and specialist work. With the right methods, tools and technology and a skilled and experienced sourcing team there is a lot possible. Especially when using the internet as the talent data base.

Being successful in search and identifying talent that is matching the search profile is “just” the start of a successful hiring process. Connecting, engaging, converting targeted talent to interested candidates may be even more important.

Job branding
What we’ve learned is that job branding has become a key differentiator. Sourcing without proper job branding is almost impossible. Candidates don’t get interested anymore by a dull job description, text based and no fun to read on their smartphone or tablet.

Smart Pages to engage
At QSXL we have developed the SMART PAGES concept. Making a job specific, unique landing page for the target talent you have been in touch with. There they can have a closer (quick) view on what the career opportunity is all about by watching video, photo and/or text. Showing interest or applying is also made easy.

We call it SMART PAGES because the analytics we use allow to track everybody who arrives on the smart page. It shows exactly where they came from, if they opened and read the page, and how long they visited our smart page.

Data driven hiring
These data turn out to be very useful in the follow-up and retargeting of candidates you want to hire. It’s another step in our journey to be a top sourcing company by taking advantage of data.