Quality Search XL
Buckets; Your own Talent Pool


In todays labor market it’s a must to reach out to passive candidates to fill your vacancies. Real search is not something that can be done easily besides all other responsibilities of a recruiter or hiring manager like writing job descriptions, screening resumes, interviewing candidates and keeping all stakeholders informed.

Limited time
No wonder that they have limited time to actively source passive candidates. And yes, there are automated tools where you can quickly enter some search key words, but they only reveal 35% of your total target group. But help is on the way!

Stay in control
Buckets builds your own Talent Pool of High Potential Candidates. You stay in control and decide how and when you want to contact these qualified candidates.


Experienced searchers
The sourcing of scarce talent requires specific skills and expertise. Our experiences search professionals understand your vacancy, company and industry. Advanced conceptual and implicit search helps them to find the most invisible passive candidates.

Supporting products
The Buckets fits well in QSXL’s Data Driven Recruitment Support Suit, and will help you to recruit better and faster.

  1. Market scan
    Before you start with the actual search of talent, it can be really interesting to investigate the number of potential candidates within a certain geographical area. Our market scan will give you a better insight about the total number of potential candidates, their education, working experience and their current location. Price of a market scan is € 350.
  2. Smart page
    Nowadays engaging and convincing the right candidate is just as important as finding them. That’s why we introduced our Smart Page. A landing page where we present the company and the vacancy in a visually attractive and informative way, using photographic and video material. And smart because the design is responsive and very friendly for mobile users. Price of a Smart page is € 1.500.
  3. Link tracking
    We like to analyze the behavior of all visitors. We know who is interested in your job even before the candidates know it. That’s why we use link tracking; a sophisticated way to analyze all data around our messaging. Price of a Link tracking report is € 750.